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CALIFORNIA, September 11, 2019: Parents and citizens all over California are calling for a Parental Revolution and taking action to protest the continued sexualization and indoctrination of their children in government schools. Thousands of parents from around the state plan to deliver a strong message of outrage to those legislators who voted in favor of AB 329, and to those who have failed to support them in protecting their children and restoring their parental rights. On Thursday September 19, parents will not be sending their children to school, and instead, will join other parents and citizens all over California in strong protest to the sexualization and indoctrination of their children.

“This is our right. This is also our responsibility. We will protect our kids,” said Linda Cone, a retired teacher form Orange County who has been actively fighting the implementation of Comprehensive Sexuality Education in government schools.

California parents have reviewed all the AB 329 compliant curricula; they have read, commented on, and gone to Sacramento to protest newly adopted Health Education Framework . They have attended local board meetings, called their elected representatives, organized and attended parent forums.

A few districts, after their petitioning, have created curricula that avoids graphic and sexually charged instruction; however, they unite to protest what they see as highly biased and medically inaccurate content. They protest the indoctrination of their children in gender theory that contradicts science. They highly protest the teaching of negotiation skills for consent to sex and the affirmation of very risky and physically dangerous sexual behaviors. They also protest instruction directing children as young as 12 to local Planned Parenthood clinics for reproductive services including abortion. Parents are outraged by a proposed CTA (California Teachers’ Association) policy pushing for pre-pubescent children to receive hormone treatment without the “barrier” of parent involvement.

Parents, community and faith leaders opposing AB 329 and everything deriving from it, consider the family to be the foundation of a stable civil society, and that parents have both the

If you would like more information, please call America Figueroa (760) 238-2162 Or email her at Press kit with evidence documents here.

right and responsibility to raise their children in accordance with their values. They see their children as vulnerable to a political agenda advanced by big pharma, the abortion industry, state and national teachers’ unions, radical transgender activists, and state that those forces have united to take advantage of a captive and impressionable market of subjects at the expense of their mental, physical, and spiritual health. They are outraged at this exploitation of their own precious girls and boys and deeply concerned by the assault on all children.

“Parental Rights are being eroded by a radical new ideology that has overtaken the public education system through communist politics being cloaked as "democratic socialist" policies. This SeXXX Ed Sit Out is one part of the Parental Revolution to take back our God given rights to impart values to our children without the State telling them that we are bigots for adhering to scientific and medically accurate principles," stated Gheorghe Rosca, Pastor of New Hope Church in Placentia, father of four, and refugee from Communist Romania.

Too many parents continue to struggle with administrators, school boards, and sometimes even teachers who resist their attempts to determine what will and will not be taught, what grade levels will be taught, and whether or not their children will be exposed to the propaganda of Planned Parenthood and other special interest groups. Sadly, they are characterized as panicked and misinformed even as they have presented documentation to back their claims.

“Legislators continue to propose laws limiting our options as parents and expanding the mandate of AB 329. Some legislators even bully us, their constituents, hoping to silence us and keep us from defending our children, but we won’t back down, they are OUR children! We will stand up to the bullies and confront them for our children’s sake. We won’t stop, we were the sleeping giant, but we are no longer asleep, a revolution is coming and parents are leading it. Enough is enough,” said America Figueroa, spokesperson for ATPC.

This sit out is organized by Alliance To Protect Children (ATPC), a new grassroots group founded and lead by former IPOC’s leadership team, with the emphasis of not just informing parents and the community, but taking them to the next stage of activation through legislative outreach, rallies, sit outs, district interactions to affect curriculum change, and by building a coalition to eliminate the destructive bills Sacramento continues to pass.

#SeXXXEd #SitOut

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