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Children's Sexual and Reproductive Rights

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Since the passing of AB 329 we’ve been seeing a lot of changes, but one that many people may not be aware of, is that California Education Code § 51934 now states that schools should inform students of their sexual & reproductive rights, as well as inform them of their “local resources” such as planned parenthood and teen centers where they can obtain “sensitive health care services” - contraceptives, STD and HIV testing, abortions, prenatal care, substance abuse, mental health appointments, etc. and who knows what else falls under the Sensitive Healthcare Services category.

A 12 year old minor now has a right to the above-mentioned services, and a girl has a right to an abortion at ANY age. Schools are required by law to protect their privacy. If students miss class to get services, teachers must allow them to make up missed work with full credit. If you think this sounds exaggerated, read what a DSUSD senior employee said to a mom last week:

Mom: So, if my child comes here and says I’m pregnant, what’s the procedure?

DSUSD employee: I would hand your daughter the phone and the number to one of our local resources and leave her alone so she can make arrangements.

Mom: How would my daughter get to that appointment?

DSUSD employee: That is for her to arrange with the clinic, friends, family, or she could call an Uber to take her to the clinic and come back

Mom: So, you are telling me that the school would allow my 12-year-old daughter to leave school grounds without me knowing, get in a car with a stranger, go get an abortion, and come back just like that?

DSUSD employee: If she didn’t feel good afterwards, I would have her call you from the Nurse’s office to pick her up with a stomach ache or something.

Yes, welcome to the new California, where parents have no rights and the government gets to “rescue” our children from our oppression into a life of social justice and freedom.

#SexualRights #ReproductiveRights #MinorsRights

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