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The History of Comprehensive Sexuality Education

Comprehensive Sexuality Education is not sex education based on biology. It discusses identity, gender, sexual expression, sexual and reproductive rights; pleasure, birth control, abortion, and the harms of gender stereotypes. It aims to teach children that they’re sexual beings, and that they should have sex whenever they feel ready for it. The new Health Framework directs to exclude the terms husband/, and boyfriend/girlfriend, because now kids have more options, including being in non-monogamous relationships. What about morality? Well, that’s either religious or judgmental, therefore, it shouldn’t be taught.

Biology seems unimportant with CSE. Understanding gender is complicated, but children are expected to assimilate that a boy can turn into a man, a woman, both, neither, or something else. A girl can have her healthy breasts removed, because she thinks she’s in the wrong body. How did we even get to this point?

It all started with Alfred Kinsey, the “so-called father of sexual revolution.” A zoologist, and a man who has been exposed as a fraud, and whose research methods included the sexual abuse of over two thousand minors, including babies. His research included imprisoned felons, sex offenders. A man who advocated for the protection of pedophiles, and supported any type of sexual deviation, including sex with animals.

His official biography documents the beliefs on which he based his work, and his personal life: “the “human animal” is pansexual. Traditional morality is destructive. Sexuality is not an appetite to be curbed.”

Kinsey died in 1956, and although psychiatrists agree he was a depraved human being, his research is still used as the basis of Comprehensive Sexuality Education. Planned Parenthood and SEICUS worship him and portray him as a savior; and in a way, that is what he intended to be, he intended to save humanity from morality and Biblical principles, which he taught detrimental to society. The Kinsey Institute for Sex Research in Indiana continues his legacy of perversion.

CSE’s goal is for children to be open to just about any form of sexual expression. It is not about preventing disease, it’s about sexual freedom and experimentation. It’s a movement intended to redefine society by influencing children’s minds. This sexual ideology is dangerous, and it is up to us to be informed and fight back against it, in order to protect our children’s innocence.

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