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Practical Guide to SB 673

Parents all over California are highly concerned with the lack of oversight and involvement they have in their child’s instruction on the new Comprehensive Sexual Health & HIV Prevention curriculum. There is currently no requirement that this curriculum be made available online for parents to review before it is taught in the classroom, and given the sensitive and explicit content, this is a barrier prohibiting parents from making informed choices about their children's education. SB 673 will bring greater transparency and choice to parents throughout the state.


SB 673 adds the following provisions to the California Healthy Youth Act:


1. TRANSPARENCY - Requires school districts that adopt elementary-age comprehensive sexual health and HIV prevention education curriculum to make the materials available on their websites.

2. PARENTAL OVERSIGHT - Restores the rights of parents of elementary-age students (TK-6th grade) to protect their children from being exposed to any content under AB 329 including CSE and gender issues. Schools will not be permitted to present any of this instruction unless a parent gives permission by positive opt in. 

3. ACCOUNTABILITY REGARDING MEDICAL ACCURACY & AGE APPROPRIATENESS - SB 673 closes a minor loophole in the law and mandates that all instruction MUST be both medically accurate and age-appropriate.

Below are links to a downloadable toolkit. Please print, share and use these letters and tools to tell the California Senate Education Committee that you support SB 673 for transparency and protection of our parental rights!

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